This is his story....

This is his story...

On August 6, 2010, at 18 weeks gestation, our baby boy was diagnosed with anencephaly. The doctors told us that our sweet baby did not have much of his brain or skull, and that there was no way he would survive. They say that 95% of pregnancies diagnosed with anencephaly are terminated. We knew that we must give our baby boy life.

After 42 weeks, Baby Timothy Frank was born on January 25, 2011 at 5:40 pm, truly "Tiny Tim" at 4lb 15 oz. He was a fighter - he needed to be born alive to share his liver cells to save other babies, and he did just that. He took one breath and left us only seconds later to be with the Lord. We miss him so much but are so proud of what his little life is accomplishing.

This website is to keep Timothy's memory alive and share bits of our journey with our precious little boy. Every life is precious and has purpose - Timothy was able to accomplish so much in his short little life and we are so honored to have been chosen to be his mommy and daddy. Our hope is that Timothy's story will encourage others to give their children a chance to live, to tell their own story, and fulfill their purpose.

To God be the Glory.

Sunday, December 25, 2011

Merry 1st Christmas Tiny Tim

I always wonder how the angels celebrate Christmas in heaven. God thought you special enough to taste this celebration before all of us get to little Timothy. We had a beautiful day today with your ever growing family - but I can't help but say this holiday now more then ever I felt a piece of me missing. That piece of me will always be with you in heaven Timothy, until we are together again. We miss you - keep that party going until we get there. :)
Love you always - Mommy


  1. I thought of you and your mommy all throughout this Christmas weekend, baby Timothy. Merry Christmas to you dear little one.

  2. Holly what a beautiful note to Timothy! As you know I think of him and you often! But, I too, thought of you and you Timothy more so the last several days/week. Praising God He is able to celebrate in Heaven this special time of year but also thinking of you missing him. Much love to you both!! Dawn

  3. My Tiny Tim,
    You took a piece of my heart when you left us here on earth, but that makes me long even more to meet Jesus and see you again face to face. You changed this Christmas and every Christmas from here on out. Missing you a lot :(
    Love you always.
    Aunt Toey

  4. I cant believe you are going to be ONE next week. How I wish I could hold you again and help celebrate all your firsts this year. I miss you so~
    I know the celebration is much grander in heaven then even your Mommy could ever throw here on earth :)
    I love you
    Aunt Nattie

  5. Timothy,
    Today for a moment I saw your face and was filled with complete joy. I was with your big sister Evie and she was smiling and playing. She turned her head and for a moment, I was looking at you. Your cheeks, your chin, your lips- you are your sister's brother without a doubt. I have been thinking of you all day, all week- you are always with me. Happy 1st Birthday to our angel, Timothy Frank. I love you forever.
    Love, Aunt Toey

  6. Dear little Timothy,

    I never really thought of heaven very much....I mean, I thought about it, knowing that I would be there one day...but my thoughts were really just superficial ones. Then you came into our lives and I have thought about heaven in such a deeper way. Your Mommy and Aunties helped with that, as I read their thoughts of you and what you are doing up there with our Lord. I find myself grateful that God used your family to bring me to this new level of thinking about the paradise you are living in now.

    Happy 1st Birthday in Heaven Tiny Tim.
    Mrs. B