This is his story....

This is his story...

On August 6, 2010, at 18 weeks gestation, our baby boy was diagnosed with anencephaly. The doctors told us that our sweet baby did not have much of his brain or skull, and that there was no way he would survive. They say that 95% of pregnancies diagnosed with anencephaly are terminated. We knew that we must give our baby boy life.

After 42 weeks, Baby Timothy Frank was born on January 25, 2011 at 5:40 pm, truly "Tiny Tim" at 4lb 15 oz. He was a fighter - he needed to be born alive to share his liver cells to save other babies, and he did just that. He took one breath and left us only seconds later to be with the Lord. We miss him so much but are so proud of what his little life is accomplishing.

This website is to keep Timothy's memory alive and share bits of our journey with our precious little boy. Every life is precious and has purpose - Timothy was able to accomplish so much in his short little life and we are so honored to have been chosen to be his mommy and daddy. Our hope is that Timothy's story will encourage others to give their children a chance to live, to tell their own story, and fulfill their purpose.

To God be the Glory.

Monday, July 25, 2011

A Short Six Months...A Long Six Months

Happy Six Month Heavenly Birthday to our Tiny Tim.  Today Timothy's Daddy made a big map of the world with his little footprints all over, showing everywhere his precious feet have been.  We will hang it in his big sister's playroom - she will grow up asking and knowing all about her little brother with wings. 

When Evie was six months to the day she sat on her own for the first time - I have a feeling little Timothy would have done so even earlier just to keep up with his big sister! 

It's hard to believe we have been without you for six months already - yet every day not seeing you grow feels like an eternity.  I never thought that I would be on "this side" of this trial, in less than two weeks it will be one year when we were told we wouldn't get to keep you.  When you're first climbing that mountain it seems like you will never reach the top.  But as I have been told before - you see beautiful things on that mountain top.  Thank you God for showing us the view - and for giving us the opportunity to love this little boy of ours.


  1. Oh my sweet Holly....I love you!

  2. I cried for you again today in the car when your song (that really now has become OUR song in a circle of us!) came on the radio and I missed you even more. I cant believe its 6 months. Feels like we were just racing to the hospital to meet you. I am so happy to know you and love you and so very proud to tell you that every day I thank God for knowing you and for the lessons you have helped teach this stubborn girl!
    You are blessed to be with your Creator, and blessed to know that he created the best parents for you that shine every time they think of you and talk about you. I no longer have to even think "you will never be forgotten." Im not even scared of that anymore...for I KNOW that you are alive in us every day. Your cousin Emmy thanks God for you in her prayers and we talk about you all the time. Im so happy you are a part of me and my family.
    I miss you and love you Tiny Tim!!

  3. Some days are just harder than others to accept that we can't see you or hold you precious Timothy. We share your story here on this blog, your sweet face hangs on my walls, and we replay in our minds the amazing moment we were allowed to know you and hold you. This is how we think we keep you alive. But PRAISE YOU FATHER IN HEAVEN because we do know that Timothy is alive with you. In a way that we can not even comprehend. I think one day when the Lord calls me home, I will reunite with your sweet soul Timothy and just let out an understanding gasp of "Ooohhhhhh" as in, "Now I get it!" But until then, as much as I have faith and do not question God's sovereignty, I don't get it. I miss you and ache for your mommy and daddy that long for you even more. You are an angel to me. You remind me to be good and kind and how beautiful I am to our Father. I love you forever and always. Love, Aunt Toey

  4. Dear Holly...We lost our son Henry to anencephaly on February 14th...he would be 7 months old. It was a journey I will never forget. Blessings to you.